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(Credit: Heavenly)


Working Men's Club are stuck in the past with their new song 'X'

Working Men's Club - 'X'

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you mixed the beat from Toni Basil’s unkillable 1980s cheerleader anthem ‘Mickey’ with the post-punk drone of Killing Joke? Well, it might sound like shit, or, coincidentally, it might sound something like Working Men’s Club and their new single ‘X’.

Working Men’s Club, led by frontman Sydney Minsky-Sargeant, are so indebted to new wave goth-rock that you practically hear the band raiding Robert Smith’s practice room.

A little bit of culture vulture-ism isn’t a bad thing, as long as you can back it up with something other than ponderous, empty lyrics. Sadly, that’s all we get here. Minsky-Sargeant talks about cliches, but even cliches are more interesting than the 30 or so words that seem randomly strung together here. “I had a true friend/She wasn’t pretend/There’s no start to this end.”

Speaking of bad writing, do me a favour: go to the band’s artist page on Heavenly Recordings’ website. Here, I’ve even linked it for you. Now read that band description. Is that satire? Did they write that? Can you really be armed with a shirt that says “SOCIALISM” and an icy stare? Give me a break.

Maybe it’s all supposed to be silly fun, but to my ears, it’s little more than a stuffy fart that hangs in the air a little too long before hopefully going away soon.

Like a lot of artists, Working Men’s Club is starting to schedule a number of shows for an expected return to the live stage later this year. We’ll get a better idea of how good an idea that is as we continue on throughout the year, but as of right now you can get tickets to see the band play in November.

Here’s the video for ‘X’, as well as the Working Men’s Club tour dates, down below.

Working Men’s Club Tour Dates:

07 – Engine Rooms – SOUTHAMPTON
08 – The Globe – CARDIFF
10 – The Fleece – BRISTOL
11 – Stylus – LEEDS
12 – The Ritz – MANCHESTER
13 – Garage (Stag & Dagger) – GLASGOW
14 – La Belle Angele (Stag & Dagger) – EDINBURGH
16 – Beat Generator – DUNDEE
17 – St Doms – NEWCASTLE
18 – Leadmill – SHEFFIELD
19 – Academy 2 – BIRMINGHAM
23 – Rescue Rooms – NOTTINGHAM
24 – Academy 2 – OXFORD
25 – Brixton Electric – LONDON