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Woody Allen: “I never think of retiring”

Director Woody Allen, who held a press conference in San Sebastian Spain to mark the beginning of his latest project, has insisted that he doesn’t plan to retire from filmmaking anytime soon.

Talking of his devotion to filmmaking, Allen said: “I’ll probably die in the midst of setting a film shot one day on the set, making a movie.”

Allen, who has been shrouded in controversial debate following the rise of the Me Too movement and his ongoing legal battle with Amazon studios, stated that: “I have never thought of retiring,” having been asked the question by the local media.

He continued: “Since I started, I’ve always tried to focus on my work, no matter what happens in my family or with politics. I don’t think about social movements, for example. My cinema is about human relationships, about people. And I try to have humour in them. If I were to die, I would probably die on a film set, which may well happen.”

Allen’s latest project—which is under the working title Rivkin’s Festival—is said to be a romantic comedy that follows an American couple who attend the San Sebastian Film Festival. The film has all the hallmarks of a classic Woody Allen film, with holiday romances and affairs with strangers.

The director has a strong cast for the film with the likes of Spanish actors Elena Anaya and Sergi Lopez alongside Gina Gershon, Wallace Shawn, Christoph Waltz and Louis Garrel. 

As aforementioned, Allen remains in a legal dispute with Amazon after they decided not to release his previous film A Rainy Day in New York. Allen began a $68million legal case alleging the studio had broken its contract with him which had pre-agreed a five film deal. This, among other aspects, stemmed from the comments around sexual abuse accusations by Dylan Farrow and the Me Too campaign.

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