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Woman’s Hour – Thunder

If you thought there was nothing more to the Lake District than beautiful mountains, glassy lakes and teenagers renting cottages so they could take pills all weekend then you were wrong. Apparently there are bands there too, and good ones at that.

Woman’s hour are a four-piece from Kendal who patiently weave atmospheric melodies and tie them together with one of the most beautiful voices you’re likely to hear in this shitty age of auto tune. Now based in London, the band somehow manages to thumb the peace and tranquility of the countryside into every track, giving you a getaway from the sirens and screaming outside your window.

Thunder is a sensual song that builds up and up, playfully combining synth with Fiona’s vocals to make something much better than every other moody band you’ve heard this year. There are shades of the XX, but it’s more imaginative. There’s a touch of Jamie XX, but it’s more interesting. Somehow, there’s even a bit of Fleetwood Mac. But maybe that’s just me.

I’m sorry I let you down for the first time/ I’m sorry I let you down for the last time Fiona sings, backed up by Josh, Nick and William. It’s a light take on a dark subject. I’m not sure what it’s got to do with thunder but it doesn’t really matter. It’s genuinely lovely to listen to.

Judging by their official press photos and the ‘reading’ section on their website Woman’s hour is going for the whole ‘XX’ thing. Very arty. Very cool. Very aloof. If I were you, I’d get a ticket to see them on their upcoming tour and beat the crowds. I’ve got a feeling that in a couple of years you’ll be fighting to get into their gigs.

Jason Scott