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Woman shares distressing video after her drink was spiked at Leeds Festival


A woman has released a shocking and distressing video of herself after reportedly having her drink spiked while attending Leeds Festival.

Loren Froggatt, the 21-year-old from Eastwood in Nottinghamshire, believes her drink was spiked by a man who asked to borrow a lighter from her while she was waiting outside the toilets for fiancé Adam Collins.

She claims that within 20 minutes she felt dizzy, began to vomit bile, lost consciousness twice and completely lost control of her mouth and jaw.

The footage, filmed by her fiancé, shows Loren writhing around in her tent while he eyes roll back into her head. The woman has said she has chosen to share the video as a warning to other women.

“It was about 9pm and I’d had about a bottle of wine throughout the day,” she told The Nottingham Post. “As I was waiting outside the main arena, a man approached me and asked to borrow a lighter. I think that’s when it happened.

“I remember feeling suddenly quite dizzy, and after that my mind just goes completely blank. Once back at the tent Adam said my eyes kept rolling into the back of my head, I urinated myself, lost control of my jaw and tongue, started vomiting white frothy bile – I then went on to lose consciousness twice.”

“I just want to raise awareness out there about how dangerous drugs are and how careful you’ve got to be.

“Don’t take your eye of your drink even for a second. I completely understand that there are people out there that want to experiment with illegal substances, but they are illegal for a reason.”

“If I wasn’t in such good health my situation could’ve been much worse, and if it wasn’t for my fiancé then I don’t think I would be here to report it and try to spread awareness,” she added.

The video comes after the news of a 17-year-old boy who was found dead in his tent at Reading Festival, an incident in which the police described as ‘unexplained’.