Wolf Alice's Ellie Roswell speaks on encouraging women to learn guitar


In a recent interview with The Times, Wolf Alice’s Ellie Roswell has been discussing her and her band’s influence on the growing number of females picking up the guitar for the first time.

A recent study showed that the rate of females learning the guitar as beginners in the US and UK was up to 50%. A growing trend despite the same study revealing that many purchases by those females were online due to being “intimated” by traditional retail stores.

In the interview, Roswell said: “I have noticed lots more girls are coming up to me and saying, ‘Hey, I started the guitar!’”

When posed the question on what might be the reason for the swing Rowsell added: “Well, I never had that attitude of ‘I’m going to do this because it looks like I can’t’, which is happening much more among young girls at the moment. It’s to do with #MeToo. People are considering all the things they never considered before.”

Get a load of why Ellie Roswell is so inspiring to every gender below.