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Wolf Alice - 'You're A Germ'


Yesterday we brought you a beautiful and the glacially transparent truth of their new video ‘Bros’ from Wolf Alice, heartfelt and sweet it made us feel a little warm and fuzzy. Take that song flip it on its head, dunk it in putrid, vengeful Britpop angst and you have our Track of the Day ‘You’re a Germ’.

Take from forthcoming LP My Love Is Cool and billed yesterday as Annie Mac’s ‘Hottest Record in the World Right Now’ the track only goes to further punctuate the fantastic year 2015 will be for the band. It captures the ferocity of the bands instrumental whilst delivering scathing lyrics via a razor sharp vocal likened to a Brody Dalle and Republica sandwich.

The song peaks and troughs, in the troughs the track murderously meanders whilst in the peaks it wretches and screams a guttural line of defiance. The song showsWolf Alice’s ability to not be dictated to by genre or pace and highlights the bands incredible ability.