(Credit: Jordan Hemingway)


Wolf Alice share live video for 'How Can I Make It OK?'


Alt-rock extraordinaires Wolf Alice have shared a new live video for the track ‘How Can I Make It OK?’, the sixth number from their recently released third studio LP Blue Weekend.

When we covered Blue Weekend last Friday, describing Wolf Alice a rock band that fully embodies the notion of being obsessed over. The video for ‘How Can I Make It OK?’ certainly doesn’t do anything to dissuade that feeling.

Surrounded by static-filled television sets and set in a moody atmosphere, the video is filled with little touches and bits of interest for any fan to latch onto. Gear heads, for instance, can marvel over guitarist Joff Oddie’s sprawling pedal setup or the Akai MPK24 synth pad that gives the song its unique sound. For anyone not in a geeky mindset, the video is still at the very least a great performance of a great song by a great band, no critical thinking necessary.

From the bright and bouncy synth tones to the lilting vocals of Ellie Rowsell, ‘How Can I Make It OK?’ reminds me a lot of one of my favourite bands of all time, the Canadian indie-pop outfit Alvvays. Alvvays never got as awesomely grungy as Wolf Alice, but Wolf Alice never fully embraced the new wave-punk drive that Alvvays did, so it balances out. They’re both wonderful in their own rights, so there’s no need to nitpick or compare too closely. Alvvays have been on hiatus since 2018, so ‘How Can I Make It OK?’ is helping fill the void for me.

A more conventional music video for ‘How Can I Make It OK?’ was dropped alongside the proper release of Blue Weekend last week. At this point, the only single that doesn’t have an accompanying live video is ‘No Hard Feelings’, the album’s bass-heavy, quietly contemplative penultimate track.

The preoccupation with visuals shouldn’t come as a surprise: the band have shot an entire film around Blue Weekend, with the videos from ‘Smile’, ‘No Hard Feelings’, and the original video for ‘How Can I Make It OK?’ forming part of the narrative of a night out with the band. That film, directed by Jordan Hemingway, will be screened on June 10th at Picture House Central in London, with the two showings being accompanied by acoustic sets from the band.

Check out the live video for ‘How Can I Make It OK?’ down below.