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(Credit: Jordan Hemingway)


Wolf Alice release new video for 'The Beach'

There are a few artists who I don’t believe I will ever stop covering here at Far Out. Not that I’m complaining, of course. If a band or artist wasn’t interesting to write about, then I wouldn’t write about them. Simple as that.

But I do get to worrying sometimes whether I’m beating a dead horse, or appearing weirdly obsessed with certain bands or musicians. Of course, part of my job is to report on, and stay privy to, pretty much anything notable going on in music, but at a certain point “journalistic do-diligence” crosses over into “being a glorified Wolf Alice fansite”.

In that spirit, welcome back to the Glorified Wolf Alice Fansite. The Brighton rockers have released a new video for the opening track to their latest, and greatest, album Blue Weekend, ‘The Beach’.

‘The Beach’ is technically the opening and closing number on Blue Weekend, with two different versions bookending the album proper. Only the former gets its own video, but I wouldn’t be surprised if ‘The Beach II’ ends up with its own visualiser sooner rather than later.

The video for ‘The Beach’ is just the latest from director Jordan Hemmingway, who has shot an entire film based around the songs from Blue Weekend. So far we’ve seen the videos for ‘Smile’, ‘How Can I Make It OK?’ and ‘No Hard Feelings’, all of which will feature in the Blue Weekend film. That film will screen on June 10th, and Wolf Alice themselves will play an acoustic set at the screening.

Check out the video for ‘The Beach’ down below. If you’re interested in checking out the screening for the full Blue Weekend film, or just want to see Wolf Alice play their live acoustic set, information can be found here. Blue Weekend the album is available everywhere right now.