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Wolf Alice - Moaning Lisa Smile

Well, well, well, it’s Wednesday again and your friends at Far Out are on hand to help you forget the prelude of Monday and Tuesday and concentrate firmly on the looming weekend wonders that lie in wait. What better way to do that than with a huge chunk of British beef in the form of Wolf Alice and our Track Of The Day Moaning Lisa Smile. 

I won’t need to bore you with the impending meteoric rise Wolf Alice are set to undertake in 2014, you only need to type Wolf Alice into a search engine to find that out. What I will tell you about is the intensity of their newest release Moaning Lisa Smile the first release from forthcoming EP Creature Songs and how Ellie Roswell and co. may just be about to start something new.

The buzz surrounding the band is building and in most part this is down to their impeccable sound and style which merges the Americana laden grunge with the more contemporary Britpop. They add a floral flourish to an otherwise masculine sound, making androgyny for all to enjoy.

Roswell’s vocal performance leaves the taste of Elastica in my mouth and while at points angelic and otherworldly it still grinds and gnaws away at the meat and bones of the band. Playing off Jeff Oddie’s chunky riffs Wolf Alice have created a sound which blends ethereal and stylish verve with anarchic vigour a winning combination.

It’s a combination that once started a certain 90’s movement which spawned nearly 20 years ago to the day and to all those who are cynically sneering at the thought of a Britpop return well: Don’t Look Back In … Sorry, can’t do it.


Jack Whatley