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Wolf Alice: "Jeremy Corbyn is the biggest indie band in the world”

Wolf Alice, well-known supporters of Labour and Jeremy Corbyn cheerleaders, have hailed the party leaders as “the biggest indie band in the world.”

Corbyn, who managed to galvanise British politics with his general election campaign, was able to inspire the youth to not only participate in a vote but to become passionate about politics.

With a host of musicians backing Corbyn’s campaign, Wolf Alice singer Ellie Rowsell appeared on Corbyn’s official Twitter page urging followers to vote Labour. Since the election, the band have had chance to reflect on a momentous turning point and praise Corbyn’s influence.

“We did go to a few events he was at, but we never got to meet him,” singer Ellie Rowsell told the New Musical Express. “It seemed like anywhere he went he was absolutely mobbed and bombarded. He’s like the biggest indie band in the world.

“There was one event we went to in Dalston where he was there to galvanise musicians and artists who were campaigning for Labour, and every grime MC you’ve ever heard of had him surrounded, trying to get a photo with him.

“It was amazing to see a politician in that light. You never saw people clambering over each other to get a selfie with Gordon Brown. He really has galvanised a generation.”