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Wing Dam - House Boat

Wing Dam sit somewhere between 90’s grunge and recent sound-scaping indie and Never Never Land. So slippy and free of labels is their sound that they are managing to move through the gears without one ounce of the heavy burden of a ‘genre’ straddled to their back. So enjoy Wing Dam and ‘House Boat’ as our Track of the Day now before we tag ‘em.

Sure, there is a touch of Grunge about them, the wailing harmonising and heavy bass put testament to that. But the track also displays the sonic uplift and heavy layering you might see in recent The Maccabees efforts.

The Baltimore band do well to increase the tension throughout the track and develop the harmonies in to spluttering chants deep from the bowels of the consciousness. It’s a reflection of the band themselves as they strive to remain human and within distance of their artistic soul.

They’re doing it and doing it well we might add.