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Winehouse Family Disassociate Themselves from 'Amy'


The forthcoming documentary about the life and times of Amy Winehouse is nearing its Cannes premiere. But as the premiere draws ever closer the family of the late singer have moved to disassociate themselves with the film due to some “basic untruths”.

The film due out in British cinemas on July 3rd has been hotly anticipated among Amy’s fans and the British public in general as they long to get some closure on the life and death of one of the nation’s most talented artists. However, according to reports in The Guardian a spokesperson has claimed the Winehouse family “would like to disassociate themselves from the forthcoming film about their much missed and beloved Amy”.

“They feel that the film is a missed opportunity to celebrate her life and talent and that it is both misleading and contains some basic untruths….There are specific allegations made against family and management that are unfounded and unbalanced.”

The filmmakers behind ‘Amy’ are the same team to tackle another incredible individual Eryton Senna in the 2011 biopic ‘Senna’ for which they won a BAFTA. This film has been approached with the same attitude, as they compiled clips of old footage to create a holistic story-line.

 “When we were approached to make the film, we came on board with the full backing of the Winehouse family and we approached the project with total objectivity, as with Senna. During the production process, we conducted in the region of 100 interviews with people that knew Amy Winehouse; friends, family, former-partners and members of the music industry that worked with her. The story that the film tells is a reflection of our findings from these interviews.”  

It seems as though as in life and death Amy Winehouse will be a central figure in a whirlwind, desperately trying to cling on.

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Jack Whatley