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Credit: Yala!


Willie J Healey goes off-grid on new song 'True Stereo'


Willie J Healey has given our week a much-needed lift as he not only announces his new album Twin Heavy will arrive on August 7th via Yala! Records but has shared a new track too.

‘True Stereo’ is our Track of the Day and comes complete, as Healey’s releases tend to do, with a perfect little video and a pre-order link for the new record.

The new record, his second after 2017’s People And Their Dogs, sees Healey employ the same cultured and cultivated sound to bump up his laconic bedroom-pop, adding some extra weight in the meantime.

The new song, ‘True Stereo’, is another dose of this pumped-up pop as he approaches with a nuanced style of creation. The new song was born out of this very notion.

“‘True Stereo’ came from a good place,” says Healey. “I wrote it while trying out my friend Casper’s baritone guitar. I was like, ‘damn this sounds funky!’ I then transferred that tuning to a regular six string, which gave it a really warped sludgy sound. That baritone inspired the whole idea.”

The new album will look to continue the path Healey has laid out for himself. Constantly evolving and moving on to the next nuance, or the next angle from to attack. It will see Healey what will likely be his best work yet.

Listen to our Track of the Day, the brilliant ‘True Stereo’ below.

Twin Heavy Tracklisting:

  1. Fashun
  2. True Stereo
  3. Big Nothing
  4. Songs For Joanna
  5. Twin Heavy
  6. Sweeter Than Most
  7. Condo
  8. For You
  9. Heavy Traffic
  10. Why You Gotta Do It
  11. Thousand Reasons
  12. Caroline Needs