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Willie J Healey announces his new album with the title track ‘People and Their Dogs’


Willie J Healey is pretty good at the old bedroom pop game. He has a brand of smirking nonchalance which manages to entice rather than irritate, something only further backed by his ability to craft a pop song out of some very lo-fi sonics. He can do this because he is bloody brilliant.

We know this because of his latest efforts which have always been a huge hit here in the office. Well now, we have a whole album to sink our teeth in to as he announced debut LP People and Their Dogs will be released on 18th August.

He said this of the album “a record for anyone who likes analogue recordings of songs about feeling strongly about everyday things, like being in your bedroom or watching people walk past your window. Feeling like you’re on the outside looking in & being cool with it”.

The news comes alongside the eponymous single as well as a brilliant new video, which, as you might imagine, features Willie and some dogs. It’#s classic Willie J Healey, self-depreciating, entirely eccentric, but at the heart of the matter it’s all pure gold.