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(Credit: Chantal Anderson)


William Tyler releases new song 'Time Indefinite'


Guitar maestro William Tyler has shared ‘Time Indefinite’, yet another celestial offering of time-bending instrumental creation.

Tyler’s most recent effort came last year when he released Goes West, his fourth studio album to date, which came in collaboration with Merge Records.

His latest effort, ‘Time Indefinite’, offers a moment of reflection from Tyler: “I put up a new song on my SoundCloud page called ‘Time Indefinite’,” he said when revealing the track. “It’s named after the Ross McElwee documentary which is a very moving and rambling meditation on grief, mortality, and ultimately rebirth.

“I don’t even remember where I recorded the song—somewhere on the road last year on my phone. This is a photo I took of sunset in las cruces outside a brewery that @michael.a.muller recommended as I drove back to California last September,” he explained of the accompanying picture of a sunsetting which features as the track’s visuals.

Stream the track, below.