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(Credit: Will Joseph Cook)


Will Joseph Cook reveals upcoming second album


Will Joseph Cook has shared the joyous news that his new album Something To Feel Good About is set to be unleashed into the world on November 27th.

The record is Cook’s follow up to his 2017 debut Sweet Dreamer which was released on Atlantic Records but, this time around, the artist has gone independent and has set up his very own record label Bad Hotel which gives him a creative freedom that he was previously deprived of.

In addition to the positive news regarding the new record, he has also shared the video for the titular track from the upcoming album which is the second song to be released following lead single ‘Driverless Cars’.

On the video, he says, “So many relationships had to morph into long-distance ones this year, even for those who lived in the same city. Video calling and text was everything, the thing we looked forward to the most and probably the only thing keeping us sane. ‘Something To Feel Good About’ fitted all those emotions so perfectly, so my girlfriend and I were just having fun reflecting our experience into this super phone-themed video.”

He also had this to say about the upcoming album: “I can communicate with music better than I did before. I knew what sounded good, and what I liked to do melodically, but then in terms of something with an emotional connection, that’s happened more on this album. Releasing through my own label Bad Hotel has also been really exciting, it’s definitely opened a lot of doors to more creativity and self-expression.”

Check out the video, below.