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(Credit: Wikimedia)


Wiley dropped by management over offensive antisemitic comments

Grime musician Wiley has been dropped by his management over a series of anti-Semitic comments made on social media.

Wiley, who is often credited as being the “godfather of grime”, posted a series of offensive comments on Twitter which has led to his manager John Woolf removing the musician from their roster.

“Following Wiley’s antisemitic tweets today we at A-ListMGMT have cut all ties with him,” Woolf said. “There is no place in society for antisemitism.”

Wiley, who was awarded an MBE for his services to music in 2018, posted a series of bizarre messages to his unverified account to a following of 500,000 people. “I would challenge the whole world of Jewish community on my own I am not scared I can handle them,” the musician said.

“Listen to me Jewish community Israel is not your country I’m sorry … The Star of David that’s our ting … Some people have gotten too comfortable on lands that don’t belong to them.”

After commenting that “Israel is ours”, Wiley went on to state a number of offensive comments which included comparing the Jewish community to that of the Ku Klux Klan in a bizarre connection: “There are 2 sets of people who nobody has really wanted to challenge #Jewish & #KKK but being in business for 20 years you start to undestand [sic] why … Red Necks Are the KKK and Jewish people are the Law … Work that out.”

Adding: “If you work for a company owned by 2 Jewish men and you challenge the Jewish community in anyway of course you will get fired.”

Continuing his stance, Wiley said: “I don’t care about Hitler, I care about black people”.

The musician’s manager first suggested his attempts to “educate” Wiley before moving to distance himself from the comments: “To be very clear here. I do not support or condone what Wiley has said today online in any way shape or form,” Woolf said.

“I am a proud Jewish man and I am deeply shocked and saddened but what he has chosen to say.

“I am speaking to key figures in my community in light of today’s tweets. This behaviour and hateful speech is not acceptable to me.”