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Credit: Fred von Lohmann


Home of Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy was shot at "Seven to 10" times


The frontman of indie rockers Wilco, Jeff Tweedy, was given a rude awakening a few nights ago as his wife revealed in a post on Facebook that their home was shot at “seven to 10” times.

Susan Miller-Tweedy, the owner of the now-closed rock club Lounge Ax in Chicago told her followers on Facebook, “You know how every time you hear loud pops you think…was that fireworks or gunshots? Well, when it’s really gunfire, there is zero question about it…especially when it hits your house.”

Miller-Tweedy added: “It was the loudest and scariest thing I’ve ever heard and set our alarm off. I called 911 and they either didn’t come or I didn’t see them, but while I was looking for them out the window upstairs, I looked down and saw that our house had been shot.”

“A bullet went through the storm door to our balcony and lodged in the wooden door. We re-freaked out and I called 911 again. They finally came but basically just wrote a report and left. In the light of day today, Jeff found 7 shell casings outside. The police came and got them,” she concluded.

While neither Jeff nor Susan have decided to elaborate on the incident, Tweedy’s son Spencer told local radio that he did not believe his family were deliberately targeted but admitted it was “pretty scary”.

The post has left many of the city’s residents calling for stricter gun laws, but Miller-Tweedy took to Facebook again to finalise her thoughts on the matter, “Guys. We love Chicago. A lot. What happened was horrible, but we still love our city and our neighborhood. Getting a lot of Chicago hate about what happened, so just wanted to get that out there.”