Wilco announce rare vinyl boxset (which includes an actual axe)


In a day when vinyl reissues become more and more creative, Wilco has put together something quite special for their fans.

Teaming up with an outdoor lifestyle brand, the band will be selling all of their ten studio albums which have been signed by Jeff Tweedy. According to the item description, the boxset is “made with fir ply and a birch handle then finished by hand with marine spar varnish. Each box is laser-engraved and embossed with Best Made and Wilco’s logos and includes a back compartment to hold the limited-edition Wilco pennant and bandana as part of the ensemble.”

Taking things to the next level, the boxset will also include an axe (yes, really), which has been painted in reference to the band’s cover for 2004 record A Ghost Is Born. It is being sold for $1,198 here.