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Widowspeak share new single 'When I Tried' from forthcoming new album

Widowspeak share new single 'When I Tried' from forthcoming new album

Widowspeak have revealed the second single from forthcoming full-length Expect The Best today.

“‘When I Tried’ is about when I was having a hard time starting things, or finishing them, maybe due to my own expectations of what it would turn into or maybe due to me doubting that I’d even be able to make it happen at all,” singer Molly Hamiliton says of the track. “I wasn’t sure what the motivation was anymore.”

The album, recorded by Kevin MacMahon (Swans, Real Estate), exhibits a marked increase in energy that reflects the band’s live show and the organic way it was created: by four people in a room together. The band collectively navigate dynamic changes with subtlety and restraint; the nine tracks here reach highs and plumb the depths of resigned melancholy. Their usual palette of dusty guitars and angular twang are still here front and centre, but now with a bit more 90s homage, even if abstractly.

“In the past I’ve felt compelled to write songs that are more optimistic than I’m actually feeling, as if I could make it true, as if everything in the past was significant or beautiful in a way, even if it was painful. But the truth is that not everything makes sense, and not every day of your life is an experience of clear-cut emotional clarity,” Hamilton added.

And here it is, new single ‘When I Tried’: