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Widowspeak new single 'Dead Love (So Still)'


If you wanted an ethereal country song to make this woeful Wednesday a touch more bearable you wouldn’t go far wrong form listening to the latest track form Widowspeak.

‘Dead Love (So Still)’ is a delicate and glistening acoustic song with touching vocals and dripping with glorious guitar work which add a tinge of the Technicolor to this otherwise hazy track.

The song speaks of a “non-relationship” Molly Hamilton had in her teenage years and has the vulnerability and heart to warm your cockles, taken from their upcoming album All Yours out on Captured Tracks, it’s a great way to melt away your week.

“I wrote an early version of this song when I was 19… it was one of those naive situations where I thought I was with someone and he didn’t, but the energy and emotion I’d invested in our non-relationship still made its inevitable end feel significant. I’ve had so many more experiences since then that require letting things go, and I’m a lot more okay with closed doors than I used to be.”