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Why Stevie Nicks rejected John Mulaney


Stevie Nicks and John Mulaney might seem like an unlikely pairing, and if you think so, you aren’t the only one. So it would seem, that Stevie Nicks agrees with you. Apparently, among the many people who have wanted to collaborate with her over the years, John Mulaney popped up, but she turned him down in what he described later as the greatest pass of his career.

You might remember in 2019, John Mulaney released his Netflix variety-style special, which had a few celebrity cameos. John Mulaney & the Sack Lunch Bunch had a children’s show theme to it, and ultimately did well across audiences. Richard Kind, David Byrne, Natasha Lyonne, and Jake Gyllenhaal all appeared in the special.

However, John Mulaney apparently wanted Stevie Nicks on board with the project so badly that he kept trying to contact her, even after going a month with no response. He explains, “I finally called her manager, and I said, ‘This is John Mulaney,’ And she went, ‘Oh, you’re that guy.'” Not off to a fantastic start.

He continued, “She said, ‘Listen, Stevie heard about the project, but she’s on tour, and she has a limited break, and so it’s just not something she can do.’ She said, ‘Also, Stevie listened to the song, and she doesn’t think it’s funny.’ And I said, ‘Oh, OK, you know the first answer was good enough.”

Although it was rough, Nicks did have her reasons. For example, her appearance on American Horror Story was bolstered by the fact that she had the opportunity to perform her own song, whereas the Netflix special with Mulaney wouldn’t have allowed for that. “When she passes on a TV project, she really passes on it,” Mulaney said of Nicks after the interaction.

But it seems that even with the rough letdown, Mulaney doesn’t have any hard feelings. He explained that following the rejection, he told her manager, “Please thank Stevie for me and just tell her I said hello, and basically tell her I wrote the part because I want to hang out with her.” To which she replied, “Well then come hang out. We have people in the backyard all the time.”

Although John Mulaney said that he was unsure if he’d actually take her up on that offer, having the interaction and the story behind it is a fun one nonetheless, and John Mulaney never fails to see the humour in just about everything.