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'Who's going to clean your toilet?' Asks Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne has long been an idiot, we know this, we have seen the show, heard her speak and had to endure the self-righteous babble for a long time. However, she has now confirmed all our beliefs.

Recently, when trying to react against Donald Trump’s disgusting campaign against migrants in the US in a bid to be the Republican Presidential candidate, Osbourne showed perhaps her real view on the subject. When discussing the Latino population in America Osbourne said “If you kick every Latino out of this country, then who is going to be cleaning your toilet Donald Trump?”

What was meant to be a damning assessment of Trump’s policy on ABC’s The View actually went on to offend the show’s co-hosts whom can be heard reacting off camera to the comment, and put Osbourne in the firing line.

Osbourne went on to back track as soon as her little feet could take her and tried to calm situation by saying “Come on, you know I would never mean it like that”. Is Osbourne misunderstood and really fighting the good fight or have her true colours been shown?

Take a look below and decided.