Who is the mystery Tame Impala 'Trevor'? Kevin Parker explains


Its a burning question Tame Impala fans have been asking for years; who is Trevor?

The mysterious background of this bastard of ‘Trevor’ has prompted numerous “Fuck Trevor” banners to appear at Tame Impala gigs ever since his name appeared in 2015 hit song ‘The Less I Know the Better’.

The lyrics, in case you’re wondering, sound like this: “Someone said they live together, I ran out the door to get her, she was holding hands with Trevor, not the greatest feeling ever.” See, told you Trevor was a bastard… out here stealing people’s girlfriends.

Anyway, somebody finally managed to ask Tame Impala frontman who this Trevor fella is: “For every text message you’ve had talking about Trevor, I’ve had someone in person asking me who Trevor is,” Parker tells triple J.

“It doesn’t take a genius to realise that Trevor is just Trevor because it rhymes with ‘together’. Which just means that Trevor can be anyone.”

There you have it, still not sure how to feel about this.

What I know, however, is….. FUCK TREVOR.