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White Fence - Wolf Gets Red Faced

Today’s Track of the Day is a swirling piece of 60s-inspired pop courtesy of one of the most prolific musicians from across the pond in recent years, Tim Presley.

Under his current guise of White Fence, Presley has released no fewer than seven albums in the last four years, including one collaboration with Californian garage-rocker Ty Segall.

His new record For the Recently Found Innocent is a departure towards a more polished sound, turning its back on the roots of his original group, punk rockers The Nerve Agents. However, the result brings satisfaction for the listener via a host of new and different methods.

Not least, ‘Wolf Gets Red Faced’, which introduces itself with a striking opening riff, before meandering through five minutes of Byrds-infused artistry that is probably the most immersive section of the new LP.

Admittedly, those who grew to love Presley through his work with The Nerve Agents, Darker My Love or The Strange Boys might find this a little tame, but taking his foot off the gas and embracing the sparse has worked wonders in our eyes, so sit back and enjoy.

Patrick Davies
(Featured Image: Chris Thayer)