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Whistlejacket are here to melt your brain


The Fierce Panda recruits Whistlejacket are here to cut through the garbage with a guitar pedal and show you what real psych music should sound like with their new track ‘Oh Brother’.

Taking sheets from the early notes of Tame Impala the London band manage to slice themselves a piece of authenticity in a genre where so many pretenders currently reside.

Adding a pop line to an otherwise deafening wall of sound the band show that psych can and should always have a strong melody. A strong melody that buries itself in your brain and poisons it with every note, hooks that glint in the sun and a pounding rhythm which pummels every eardrum you have (normally two FYI).

Taken from the forthcoming EP of the same name out in September the band prove that they’re an ever-growing talent. The guts shown on this track speak of a band undiluted and ready to tear up a stage near you.

Luckily if you’re in Europe they have an imminent tour planned.

06/09 The Hague, Haags Pop Centrum
07/09 Amsterdam, Venue TBA
08/09 Groningen, De Gym
09/09 Copenhagen, Drone
10/09 Hamburg, Hafenklang (Hamburg Psych Fest)
12/09 Leipzig, Annihilate
13/09 Saarbrucken, Haifischblut Collective
14/09 Munich, Cord Club
15/09 Nyon, La Parenthèse
16/09 Zwevegem, MotoKouture MC’s
19/09 London, The Lexington