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When Bruce Springsteen wrote a late note for a young fan


Bruce Springsteen is a rock legend, but recently we’ve been able to view just how dad-tastic the ‘Dancing in the Dark’ singer can be. That came courtesy of the 2020 Summer Olympics, strangely enough. It’s a story that is guaranteed to give you a warm fuzzy feeling and leave you wishing you were related to ‘The Boss’.

You see, Springsteen’s daughter, Jessica, is a world-class equestrian, or high stakes horse riding to the layman. Jessica Springsteen actually won a silver medal in the team jumping event (take that, Belgium!), and the world got to collectively see the elder Springsteen as a proud horse-girl dad.

Turns out Springsteen has been implementing his paternal instincts for years, like when he helped a young fan escape a potentially sticky situation in school by writing his teachers an apology for being late to class after one of Springsteen’s gigs.

Back in 2016, a nine-year-old by the awesome name of Xabi Glovsky attended an E Street Band gig at the Los Angeles Sports Arena. Springsteen liked to wear out his crowds, and that particular show went on for nearly three and a half hours.

To be fair, the setlist that night was pretty killer. It featured a full performance of The River, plus a hit-packed second set and a six-song encore that capped with The Isley Brothers’ ‘Shout’. I saw that tour when they came by Baltimore, and I can confirm it was pretty rad.

But I was a senior in high school, and I was either late or absent frequently enough that I didn’t need a late note (to my mother’s understandable chagrin). But Glovsky came prepared by wielding a sign that said: “Bruce, I will be late to school tomorrow. Please sign my note.”

Ever the people person, Springsteen obliged by bringing Glovsky and his family backstage and giving them a hand-written note to excuse Glovsky’s tardiness. It’s the kind of story that one can only hope to tell but that Springsteen has given out to his fans on countless occasions, lest we forget his debut busking.

Even better than ‘the Boss’ signing his note, was the reason Springsteen gave for Glovsky’s lateness: “Xabi has been out very late rocking + rolling.” Rock on, Xabi.