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(Credit: Michael Vadon / Joost Evers / Anefo)


What would John Lennon think of Donald Trump?


John Lennon was one of the most prominent voices to speak out relentlessly against the Vietnam War and, as the world celebrates what would have been his 80th birthday, many people have pondered what the former Beatle would think about the state of politics today and, more specifically, what he would think of US President Donald Trump.

Lennon’s biographer, Kenneth Womack, went as far as to say that he believes that Lennon would be “giving hell” to Donald Trump if he was alive and well today. Womack also discredited the rumour that Lennon was secretly a fan of right-wing Republican Ronald Reagan at the 1980 US Presidential election but Womack refutes this claim by telling the Mirror, “If he even hinted at that he would have been winding someone up and if he’d even thought about it I think the way that administration handled the AIDS crisis, with New York as the epicentre, would have changed his mind. He was very supportive of gay rights and same-sex marriage,” Womack added.

He continued: “I think in a lot of ways he would have been like David Bowie, very moved by the internet. He would be an influencer in that way… he’d be right there on Twitter giving Trump hell.

Womack adds: “I’d like to think that he would be leading protests about the kind of things that are going on today such as the attacks on the constitution.”

“More likely via the internet,” Womack responds to a query about how Lennon would have made his protest heard and the author believes Lennon would have been an admirer of social media.

“He loved gadgets. He would have been into all that but I always thought and still do think that his speaking voice would have been just as sort of prized as his singing voice. Whenever John did any sort of narration it was completely charming.”

Womack then added that “miniature stories” Lennon recorded would have been ideal for a podcast if he was here today to take advantage of this technology.

Seeing John Lennon on social media and getting to read his stream of opinions on the state of the world today would have been beyond fascinating and, undoubtedly, he would have used his platform for the greater good.