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Credit: Trashmouth Records

Weston Decker is here to use his teeth with new song '9PM'

There are a few labels in the musical world that you just implicitly trust. One of those labels is Trashmouth Records, the terminally deranged the label behind Fat White Family, Warmduscher, and MEATRAFFLE – all of which share their neuro-musical affliction. And now we have another artist ready for the padded rooms of Trashmouth Records, Weston Decker. His new song ‘9PM’ is our Track of the Day.

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of small artists who arrive with something entirely different up their sleeves. But Weston Decker’s ‘9PM’ is one of the best tracks we’ve heard from the other side of the pond in a long while. A decisively subversive and spun-out style of danger-funk emanates from Decker and added to the trippy video, Trashmouth has a new inmate worthy of the Victorian viewing fee.

Decker’s Bandcamp bio offers an insight into his musically avant-garde mind: “Conceived in Terminal 2 of the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Weston Decker grew up surrounded by Gary, Indiana’s vibrant reggaeton scene, of which both the hyenas who raised him played a central role”

The song rails from one side of reggae-infused new wave into corrupted classic rock avenues with the help of a disgustingly distorted solo to finish the track. All of which has us hoping Decker may well be ready to tear open the scene with his teeth.

As much as we do love the sound of our own typing, best thing to do is to plug in and watch Weston Decker’s video for ‘9PM’ our Track of the Day.