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Westminster tribute to Professor Stephen Hawking's sees his words set to music and sent into space

The most famous and celebrated man in science, Professor Stephen Hawking, will see his words beamed into space after the Westminster service.

It will be a six-minute composition written by Greek composer Vangelis who wrote the score for the film ‘Chariot of Fire’.

Hawking, who died age 76, his funeral held at Cambridge, the city in which he studied and worked. Over 25,000 members of the public applied for 1,000 invitations to the service via a public allow.

There were an array of famous faces such as: Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, physicist Brian Cox, and comedian/ children’s author David Walliams. The Friday afternoon saw readings given by top names such as astronaut Tim Peake, astronomer Martin Reece and Hawking’s collaborator and Nobel prize winner Kip Thorn.

A Brief History of Time, sold 10 million copies and translated to over 40 different languages. Hawking was a well known atheist and was known for his breaking theory on String Theory.

CDs of the recording beamed into space will also be released for sale.

See below Professor Stephen Hawking’s last speech: