Wesley Gonzalez drops new cut ‘Piece of Mind’


Following on from ‘I Am Telescope’ and ‘Exhibition Song’ is the new track from Wesley Gonzalez ‘Piece of Mind’. The latest cut taken from the new album Excellent Musician  is an absolute barnstormer, punctuated by some woozy horns and a terrific beat, that it’s hard not to get up off your seat to enjoy.

Wesley said  “I guess this song is about trying to not be bitter about stuff, especially music. It’s very easy to become embittered making music and hanging out with a lot of other musicians, thinking that you produce better work than someone you may know, who is perhaps doing better than yourself. It’s positive in the fact that I guess it’s me turning a corner in my thinking on music. It’s not fully enlightened as I still can get jealous, so I tried to be honest in the lyrics and not be fully positive – as that would be untrue!”

So if you’re friends with Wesley Gonzalez and you make music, it is fairly likely he thinks it’s shit. Probably. The album Excellent Musician is out on June 30th