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(Credit: Prada/YouTube)


Revisiting Wes Anderson's short film 'Castello Cavalcanti' in collaboration with Prada


Castello Cavalcanti, the short film written and directed by Wes Anderson and released in 2013, came in collaboration with Prada and quickly became a viral sensation, acting as the perfect exhibition of a filmmaker with arguably the most unique visual approach in the world of modern cinema.

The film, starring Jason Schwartzman as an unsuccessful race car driver who crashes his vehicle in a humorous manner, sees the character stranded in the fictional Italian village of Castello Cavalcanti. In truth, however, the eight-minute project was in fact filmed at Cinecittà in Rome, Italy.

Having been financed by Prada, the lead character Jed Cavalcanti subtly dons a Formula One jumpsuit that has been sponsored by the high fashion brand as he struggles in the last place while taking part in a race through the countryside.

Anderson, quite typically, pays homage to a series of classic Italian films in his short, alluding to several by the great Federico Fellini. Released on November 2013, the Rome Film Festival handed Anderson its premiere that year, and it was quickly met by critical acclaim.

The story follows Cavalcanti after he crashes his sports car in the middle of the public square and, after extinguishing the fire, sits with locals for a glass of wine and some spaghetti while blaming the malfunction on his brother-in-law who “screwed the steering-wheel on backwards”.

With cinematography by Darius Khondji, editing by Stephen Perkins and costume design by Milena Canonero, Castello Cavalcanti is about is ‘typically Wes Anderson‘ as imaginable. The combination of changing colours, panning camera and abrupt editing, his fascination with certain objects and the unusual and sometimes awkward relationship between people in his projects, this short has it all.