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The surprising casting reveal in Wes Anderson movie 'Moonrise Kingdom'


Wes Anderson’s seventh feature film, Moonrise Kingdom, could very well be the eccentric director’s most idiosyncratic film. The hallmarks of any classic Anderson picture are intact: the vibrant colour palette, the symmetrical framing, the divorced households, the dead dogs. But through his tale of adolescent love and finding your identity, Anderson builds a world populated with characters that all act with a deliberate, and often comical, sense of immaturity, whether they’re actual kids or not.

This comes through, as it always does in Anderson’s films, through genius casting. Eternal tough guy Bruce Willis plays a pensive police officer who lives in a perpetual state of arrested development, Edward Norton plays a Scout Leader whose level of responsibility is more akin to those of his Khaki Scouts, Bill Murray as a father who can’t, or doesn’t want to, figure out his daughter’s volatile personality, and Jason Schwartzman as the Khaki Scout leader who initially wants to take all of the central young couple’s money for himself as a fee for marrying them.

But there’s another casting decision that’s flown under the radar until just recently when the sleuths over at Reddit discovered that a bit part actually had a famous connection to arguably the cast’s most famous figure. 

While Willis’ Captain Sharp makes a call to one of the Khaki Scout camps, there’s a young man wearing an American Indian headdress. Later, at the climactic meeting at the church, the same Khaki Scout can be seen behind Bill Murray and Frances McDormand, comically brandishing a club with nails coming out. As it turns out, this is Murray’s son, Cooper.

The part is small enough that it has gone unnoticed until someone bothered looking up the cast on IMDb. If you want to see what Cooper Murray’s other work look likes… well, then you’re out of luck. Moonrise Kingdom is his only acting credit. 

Cooper Murray can be seen at around the one minute mark in the clip down below.