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Wes Anderson names his favourite horror film of all time

American auteur Wes Anderson is often ranked among the greatest filmmakers of our generation and rightly so. Known for his instantly recognisable aesthetic stylisations which deconstruct the artifice of the cinematic medium, Anderson has produced several masterpieces over the years and recently returned to the world of cinema with his latest film The French Dispatch.

According to the filmmaker, The French Dispatch is a “love letter to journalists” which follows multiple narrative threads revolving around the French branch of a Kansas newspaper. The French Dispatch received a nine-minute standing ovation and glowing reviews, which praised Anderson for maintaining his fiercely original artistic vision in his latest artistic endeavour.

In a recent interview, Anderson was asked about the pieces of filmmaking advice that has stuck with him and he said: “I often quote what Peter Bogdanovich told me the day before I started shooting my first movie, which was what Roger Corman told him the day before he started his first movie: ‘Take it one shot at a time.’ Maybe it seems obvious, but it is not necessarily instinctive. Sometimes it solves all your problems if you commit to just thinking about one of them.”

“I remember when Owen and Luke Wilson and I went to the Sundance Film Festival many years ago,” the director reflected. “Our short film Bottle Rocket was showing in a program of about 25 other short films. Somewhere in the middle of one of the two nights, they ran these little movies. Essentially, no one attending the festival saw our film. But everyone saw the 2,500 bumper stickers we plastered all over and around the town of Park City. It served no purpose, but we were desperate.”

For Rotten Tomatoes’ periodic feature, Anderson was invited to selected five of his favourite cinematic masterpieces of all time. Out of all the films he chose, there was only one horror pick while the others ranged from French gems by Jean Renoir to New Hollywood classics like Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? which he described as “stunning.”

However, the horror film that he chose as his favourite is Roman Polanski’s timeless classic Rosemary’s Baby. Polanski’s classic psychological horror film stars Mia Farrow as Rosemary who moves into a new apartment with her husband (played by John Cassavetes). When Mia gets pregnant, things start getting increasingly weird as her neighbours try to control her life and consequently, the future of her child.

Anderson said: “One movie that I often find myself going back to is Rosemary’s Baby. This has always been a big influence on me, or a source of ideas; and it’s always been one of my favourites. Mia Farrow gives a great, big performance in it, and I’ve read the script and it’s a terrific script. So that’s one I’d say.”

See the trailer, below.

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