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Credit: MUBI/Lena Herzog


Werner Herzog's new film will be previewed for free on MUBI


Werner Herzog’s new film, Family Romance, LLC, will be officially released via MUBI on July 4th and the streaming platform will be sharing a preview of the film for free in the UK and Ireland ahead of that release.

For the 24 hours before that official release to the platform’s members, MUBI will be allowing those in the UK and Ireland to watch the film and get a glimpse of the platform’s site.

The preview will also come with an exclusive introduction as well as a 15-minute Q&A interview with the director himself. Herzog also acted as the writer and cinematographer on Family Romance, LLC.

The preview will be available in a host of other countries too. In fact, it will be available to over 150 countries for the first 24 hours including the US, Canada, India and Australia.

Herzog’s latest subject is based on a true story which focuses on a Tokyo-based company which offers replacement fill-in family members and friends to attend parties and functions. In the film, the director fuses fact and fiction and creates another textured piece of work.

It primarily follows company founder Yuicihi Ishii as he is embroiled in a sticky situation which sees him personally involved in impersonating her missing ex-husband.

Watch the teaser trailer below.