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Weird Milk are ushering in the week with ‘All Night’


Weird Milk have a sense of the retro about them and it is entirely enticing. They are providing a welcome relief from the doldrums of Monday morning with their new track ‘All Night’.

Right now, with the boss standing over you, the smell of the weekend vomit still caught in your hair and the smell of desperation for attention around the water cooler, being transportedi time sounds wonderful. Luckily, Weird Milk are here to grant your wish with their effortlessly nostalgic ‘All Night’.

A comfy tropical bassline adds a little sunshine while the harmonies are always a treat for the ears. Weird Milk are making Monday that little bit better with this simple but effective indie pop charmer. You can just feel the weekend melt away and a new found sense of Monday relaxing begin to infiltrate your brain. That is some weird milk tbh.