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Credit: Sean Murphy


Weezer have shared a brand new online game to promote 'The End of the Game'

Weezer have shared a new online shoot ’em up called ‘The End of the Game’ Game and has been made to promote their new Van Weezer single that shares its name.

The game, which has of course been created for promo purposes, arrives as a rather fun way to waste a few hours while in self-isolation—and it will be a few hours since the game is so difficult.

The game can be played on your web browser and lets you pick your favourite member of the band to take on a laser gun-toting alien boss.

If you know your Weezer then you can grab extra lives along the way by spotting band references such as a can of pork and beans, surf wax, and more.

Unlike some other 8-bit outputs that bands have shared of late are just promotional material, this, however, is incredibly well-thought-out. Arriving from Jason Oda, who previously worked on games for Skrillex, the game is a reflection of the band’s textured intelligence.

Now we won’t give the game away but we will hand out a little piece of advice for those looking to take down the aforementioned alien boss. Don’t get distracted by the gold in the treasure chest.

You can check out the game here. The new album Van Weezer is out on May 15th via Crash/Atlantic.