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(Credit: George McFadyen)


Weekend Debt share new song 'Nobody Everyone'


Glasgow alt-rockers Weekend Debt have released a breathless new track ‘Nobody Everybody’.

The rhythm for the verses has an almost math-rock/Captain Beefheart-esque syncopation that makes you wonder for just a second if you’re still in 4/4 or whether you’ve been dropped into some completely different song. Otherwise, it’s a straight-ahead rock and roll tune, bright and shiny with gigantic drums and production style that sounds culled straight from either Jack White or Queens of the Stone Age: loud, bluesy, aggressive, and made for an arena.

“‘Nobody Everyone’ is a song that came from bottled-up emotions about a breakup,” guitarist Calvin Smith explained. “The more I let these emotions get to me, the angrier and more upset I got, which probably resulted in such a hard and heavy tune, something we hadn’t really delved into properly. It’s definitely one of our favourite songs to play live.”

It’s not hard to see why the song would be a live favourite, with its frantic energy and black hole swirl of distorted guitars creating an appropriately amped-up atmosphere. With enough dynamic and beat shifts to fill an entire album, the band play with a psychotic ferocity that sounds downright apocalyptic, like they know today is their last day on Earth and are stuffing as many killer riffs into one three-minute song as possible.

“The band really started out of sheer boredom,” Smith continues. “Being from Lanark in Scotland, there is not a lot to do. Harvey, Russell and I had been pals and really bonded through a shared love of music, so it started as more of a mess around. Once we started writing songs together, we decided to take it a bit more seriously, which led to Calvin joining the band, and from there it’s just been a natural progression. It’s great seeing how far we’ve come.”

Weekend Debt are definitely one of those bands that I had never heard of before today and am going to have to keep my eye on now. If every track is as great as ‘Nobody Everyone’, then they just might be on to something.

Check out the audio for ‘Nobody Everyone’ down below.