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(Credit: Molly Matalon)


Waxahatchee releases new song 'Lilacs'


Waxahatchee has released ‘Lilacs’, the new song to be taken from the forthcoming new album.

The track, which arrives as the second release following ‘Fire’, will be featured on Katie Crutchfield’s new record, Saint Cloud, which is due out on March 27 via Merge Records.

“‘Lilacs’ was the last song I wrote for the record and it’s mostly just about obsessive/negative thought patterns,” she said of the new material. “It’s about backsliding into old behaviours that don’t serve you and sort of letting your worst self get the best of you. I think that when people are in that mindset they can really try to turn the blame onto other people, so the song sort of plays out like a conflict you’d have with someone you love.

“It’s meant to capture that moment of heat that happens right when you realise you’re wrong or that your issue is more with yourself than with someone else—being flawed and fragile but making progress inch by inch. The chorus serves as a sweet little resolve. I wanted it to feel like the light at the end of the tunnel and the reminder that it can always and often does get better.”

Stream the track, below.