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(Credit: Molly Matalon)


Waxahatchee and Jess Williamson announce new album with ‘Problem With It’

Plains - 'Problem With It'

Waxahatchee’s Katie Crutchfield and Jess Williamson have formed a new band, Plains, and announced its debut LP with a new single. The new duo have announced the album I Walked With You a Ways, which is set for release on October 14th via Anti. 

Crutchfield and Williamson created I Walked With You a Ways in collaboration with producer Brad Cook in Durham, North Carolina. They recorded the material with Spencer Tweedy and Phil Cook.

The album’s lead single, ‘Problem With It’, has now been released, complete with a music video directed and produced by Corbett Jones and Nick Simonite. Watch the video below. 

‘Problem With It’ brings an optimistic breeze of country pop complimented by the gentle plucking of a banjo and harmonising vocals. Meanwhile, the sentimental music video follows the duo on a road trip through the dusty plains of the west as they explore vast landscapes, singing in their pick-up truck. 

“I’ve felt a connection to Jess’ songwriting and a kinship with her since we met years ago,” Crutchfield said of the new project in a press release. “Getting to lean into the influence of the music we both grew up with while also making something that feels very current and fresh to me was a great experience and I’m so happy to finally share it.”

Williamson said, “Making this record with Katie was a deeply expansive experience for me as a songwriter. I really trust her ear and sensibilities, and she encouraged me to explore aspects of my songwriting that in the past I’ve shied away from. Katie’s support was so important for me as we wrote this album.”

I Walked With You a Ways tracklist:

  1. Summer Sun
  2. Problem With It
  3. Line of Sight
  4. Abeline
  5. Hurricane
  6. Bellafatima
  7. Last 2 on Earth
  8. Easy
  9. No Record of Wrongs
  10. I Walked With You a Ways

Listen to Plains’ ‘Problem With It’ below.