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(Credit: Wavves)


Wavves take us to the desert on 'Sinking Feeling'

Wavves - 'Sinking Feeling'

Wavves, the sun-scorched San Diego-based rock band, are back with their first release in nearly three years, the bouncy and slightly sinister ‘Sinking Feeling.’

With a guitar line straight out of the Rawhide theme song, it should be no surprise that band leader Nathan Williams has taken us back to the outskirts of his home state of California with ‘Sinking Feeling.’

The bright and sunny melodies, punctuated by some of the happiest sounding acoustic guitar this writer has ever heard, seem to belie a more weathered foundation. “A stone in the sea/It’s swallowing me/Drifting into the ground/An incoming tide/So fierce you can’t hide/Takes you until you drown.” That’s not very carefree or summery at all. It’s more like getting sunburned after being left in the desert for a few days.

With it, the video carries on that desert aesthetic as Williams is seen driving around the open and abandoned landscapes where you can practically feel the heat on your skin, and sand under your fingernails. Director Jesse Lirola makes sure to show us, through blink and you’ll miss them flashback sequences, that something more menacing is surrounding Williams’ lazy Sunday drive.

“‘Sinking Feeling’ is a song about a wave of depression that keeps coming back,” Williams said in a press release. “It’s that sinking feeling that drags you down and no matter what you do or where you go it follows you.”

Anyone familiar with Wavves’ style shouldn’t be surprised at the dichotomy. Williams may have a penchant for dark lyrics that interrogate his own worst tendencies, but he’s also got that psychedelic surfer dude sound that makes even the most depressing of lyrics sound like mid-August jams. For God sakes, they have an album called King of the Beach, and it’s only a tiny bit ironic.

However, there doesn’t seem to be an announcement of a new album to follow ‘Sinking Feeling’ at the moment. The band’s last full length LP was 2017’s You’re Welcome. ‘Sinking Feeling’ is a good start though, and I wouldn’t be surprised if more material follows in its wake.

Check out the video for ‘Sinking Feeling’ below.