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Wavves get ‘Dump’d’ on


Wavves, ahead of their upcoming album, have gone on fake game show ‘Dump’d’ to get well, dumped on, by a whole variety of ugly looking goop. The fake game show from Super Deluxe throws a bunch of gross stuff over contestants who can’t answer a riddle correctly.

Fans answered questions incorrectly and then watched the band be covered in shit, essentially. Dumping liquids included: Chicken blood, merlot, warm bile (our least favourite), sewage, Coke Zero, mucus and diarrhoea to name a few.

In better new for the band, the album You’re Welcome will be released on May 19th and follows the brilliant V – Released via Nathan Williams’ Ghost Ramp label. The album will include the latest releases ‘Daisy’, ‘Animal’ and the title track.


casual day at the office with @wavves & @superdeluxe

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