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Credit: YouTube


Watch the trailer for ‘Woodstock 99: Love, Peace and Rage’ documentary

HBO has released the trailer for Woodstock 99: Love, Peace and Rage, as part of the launch of their Music Box documentary series. 

The documentary feature looks at the disastrous reboot, thirty years on from the iconic first festival in upstate New York. With interviews with the likes of Moby and event organiser Michael Lang, it aims to find out what exactly went wrong at the ill-fated festival. 

The official logline for the series reads: “Woodstock 99, a three-day music festival promoted to echo unity and counterculture idealism of the original 1969 concert, but instead devolved into riots, looting and sexual assaults.”

The documentary is set to premiere on HBO and HBO Max on July 23rd. It is set to be joined on their Music Box sub-channel by films on Alanis Morissette, DMX, Kenny G and others, in a seemingly very nineties heavy schedule. 

With the original Woodstock documentary, considered one of the greatest concert films of all time, this showing has big shoes to fill. It is Directed by Garret Price, known for editing Live Cargo, Moonpie and others. 

The trailer certainly shows promise as you can see from the video below.