Watch the trailer for the new film 'On The Road' starring Wolf Alice

Watch the trailer for the new film ‘On The Road’ starring Wolf Alice

On The Road, a new film following British indie darlings Wolf Alice on tour across Britain, is set the be released in September.

The picture is directed by BAFTA winning filmmaker Michael Winterbottom and stars James McArdle – who previously appeared in Star Wars: The Force Awakens – and introduces Leah Harvey.

The film follows north London four-piece Wolf Alice as they take to the streets of the UK to promote their debut album, My Love Is Cool, for the last time. Driving from place to place, playing 16 cities in three weeks, the band are joined by Estelle (Leah Harvey), an intern with the band’s record company, who will be helping the band with their promotional duties, accompanying them as they visit local radio stations and give interviews to the press.

Estelle strikes up an intimate friendship with Joe (James McCardle), a member of the band’s road crew, and through their eyes, we see both the magic and monotony of life on the road, giving us a glimpse behind the scenes of a passionate young rock band in their searing prime.

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