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Watch the new trailer for Maria Schrader film 'I'm Your Man'

Maria Schrader’s latest sci-fi work, I’m Your Man, premiered at Berlin International Film Festival earlier this year, receiving generally promising reviews.

I’m Your Man is a meditation on the post-human condition, examining whether the barriers of prejudice can be overcome when we are discussing grand subjects like love and desire.

Dan Stevens stars as Tom, a perfectly manufactured robot who makes us question the distinctions we make between our intellect and artificial intelligence. Schrader poses existential as well as ethical problems about the new act of creation that our civilisation is engaging in.

In an interview, Stevens pondered: “Is it absurd? I mean, that really is one of the big questions of the film, I think. It really invites you, as the viewer, to sort of think about – well, would I? Could I?”

Adding, “Could I live with this, and what would mine look like? I think those are, you know, very human questions. So, I don’t know if I have an answer specifically, but I love that the film has provoked that question so frequently.”

Detailing the plot, Schrader added: “We’re used to growing up where women are more objectified than men. It’s great fun to add narratives or visuals which we are not so used to seeing. It was already fun writing (the script) and playing with male and female perception. Seeing it in front of me was when I realised that we aren’t used to that.”

“This is my first pure German language movie and I’ve always worked with various casts and various languages. Here, I was with a German script, and I thought let’s look abroad for (the character of) Tom. Let’s find someone who’s not so present in the German-speaking region. Let’s find someone who brings a foreign element with this character. Since this is almost a fairytale set-up, it’s like an agreement between me and (the audience) that Tom is a robot. I thought it would be nice to have an actor that German audiences don’t immediately recognise.”

Watch the new trailer for Maria Schrader’s 2021 film I’m Your Man below.