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(Credit: IFC)


Watch the new trailer for 'Dating and New York'

American writer and filmmaker Jonah Feingold recently premiered his directorial debut Dating and New York at the Tribeca Film Festival. Starring Jaboukie Young-White and Francesca Reale as two young people who match on a dating app and agree to hook up without getting emotionally involved, the film attempts to re-contextualise the premise of the 2011 rom-com Friends with Benefits within the frameworks of modernity.

“There are so many new rules to the game of modern dating,” Feingold said in an interview. “Even back when our parents were meeting, it seemed very wholesome, simple. You sat next to each other on an aeroplane; you were neighbours you met in law school.”

Adding, “I was excited to make a film that their meet-cute is quite literally just matching on an app. Nothing special. They both swipe right, and that’s how they met.” The director continued: “I want people to watch it on a first date or during their Sunday scaries. They can be swiping on Tinder or decompressing from a workweek”

Cinematographer Maria Rusche elaborated: “The director [Jonah Feingold] really loved classic When Harry Met Sally vibes, but is also really excited about pushing what’s possible with that kind of traditional filmmaking — one of his first shorts took place entirely on a phone screen.

“So he’s doing really exciting things with incorporating social media and how we live so much of our life on our phone screen now. It gave us an opportunity to do a lot of fun sort of magical realism moments, and it’s very much a romantic New York movie, so I’m really excited for people to see that one. It’s definitely different in style from Milkwater and Shiva Baby, but still very funny.”

Dating and New York is set to hit theatres in September of this year. Watch the trailer for Jonah Feingold’s directorial debut below.