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Watch The Divine Comedy perform ‘Our Mutual Friend’ live in Newcastle


The Divine Comedy took to Newcastle’s O2 City Hall on Saturday night (May 14th) and regaled the crowd with the sort of performance that oozed with joyous joie de vivre like honey from a hive in Pooh Bear’s wet dream.

It says a lot for The Divine Comedy that their Best of Tour had to be separated into two sets and an encore. And it says even more about their continued brilliance that every song was part of the same seamless woven patchwork of quilted contentment that wrapped over the upbeat Newcastle atmosphere. 

New(ish) songs like ‘Queuejumper’ sat alongside classics like ‘Gin Soaked Boy’ as though they were old cellmates. With an understated air of celebration, the setlist offered up a nostalgic journey through a back catalogue pitted with memories from each era and the overall impression of the unwaveringly brilliant songwriting which has upheld each of them. 

Filled with quirks like using a mute banana as a shaker, and a dandy gentleman entering the stage simply to slide Neil Hannon’s capo for a grandly announced key change, the set was brimming with personality and ease of assurance. That was palpable in the recording of the classic ‘Our Mutual Friend’ below. 

For the iconic 2004 Absent Friends anthem, Hannon decided the play things out with a literal interpretation, slumping to the floor in slumber as he sang, “We sank down to the floor” and rising in a groggy fashion to the line, “I woke up the next day, all alone but for a headache.” This mirth has always been a mark of his songwriting style which brilliance pairs reverence with a wry smile and it was lapped up on the night. 

The tight yet unencumbered free and flowing performance is indicative of the concert in general. The venue might have been fully seated and the songs were far more riveting than riotous, but nevertheless, the night ended with everyone swaying in their seat in the sort of bracing celebration that live music is all about. 

You can check out ‘Our Mutual Friend’ and the setlist below. Enjoy. 

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The Divine Comedy – Newcastle O2 City Hall setlist:

  1. Set 1:
  2. Absent FriendsPlay Video
  3. At the Indie DiscoPlay Video
  4. Becoming More Like AlfiePlay Video
  5. Everybody Knows (Except You)Play Video
  6. The Certainty of ChancePlay Video
  7. The Best MistakesPlay Video
  8. To the RescuePlay Video
  9. Generation SexPlay Video
  10. QueuejumperPlay Video
  11. Gin Soaked BoyPlay Video
  12. Set 2:
  13. A Lady of a Certain AgePlay Video
  14. Songs Of LovePlay Video
  15. Love What You DoPlay Video
  16. Norman and NormaPlay Video
  17. Our Mutual FriendPlay Video
  18. Your Daddy’s CarPlay Video
  19. How Can You Leave Me on My OwnPlay Video
  20. Something for the WeekendPlay Video
  21. I LikePlay Video
  22. National ExpressPlay Video
  23. Encore:
  24. Perfect LovesongPlay Video
  25. Tonight We Fly