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Short of the Week: Tamar Glezerman's 2016 film 'Fill Your Heart With French Fries'

'Fill Your Heart With French Fries' - Tamar Glezerman

Fill Your Heart With French Fries is a 2016 satirical short that was based on a very real and bizarre news story. In 2014, a Chinese woman camped in a KFC for a week after her boyfriend broke up with her. She used that time to reflect on her life and have some chicken wings while she was at it. The woman only left once she decided that the repetitive diet was getting too much to tolerate.

Starring Lindsay Burdge as a heartbroken woman who refuses to leave the restaurant where her boyfriend dumped her, Fill Your Heart With French Fries is a compelling story of love and loss which is contextualised within the framework of modernity. Glezerman uses her unique journey to launch a critique of the lack of empathy that has been facilitated by social media. Instead of receiving help, she becomes a viral hashtag.

The “Fry Baby’s” outlet is a liminal space which serves as the woman’s refuge from the harshness of time and space. In there, she has memorable encounters with a lot of people – ranging from a salesman who wants to “treat love like the sexually transmitted disease that it is” to an inquisitive child who tells her to fly away from her own misery. Along the way, she finds the courage to face the world all over again.

The director said, “I always just hope the audience is entertained, and takes away the feeling of being understood; a few moments of feeling like that ‘yes, that is exactly how this feels’. That’s possible because the humour inherent to this kind of lovesickness stems from empathy and identification, not from ridicule.”

Adding, “Not to say callousness or narcissism are modern day inventions, but it’s very easy to dehumanise others when they mostly exist, literally, in the palm of your hand. I fear technology is evolving faster than we do, emotionally or socially, and as a result we’re all just kind of flailing along, pretending like broadcasting our lives 24/7 is how it’s always been.”

Watch Fill Your Heart With French Fries, below.