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(Credit: Zackery Michael)


Watch St. Vincent perform 'Down' on Jimmy Fallon


St. Vincent performed her Daddy’s Home single ‘Down’ on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon this past Tuesday.

Keeping with the 1970s theme of the album, the performance paid homage to aesthetics of shows like Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert and Soul Train, groovy graphics and shitty camera quality intact.

Annie Clark, the singular figure behind St. Vincent, apparently hasn’t been satiated by the release and promotion of Daddy’s Home. Just last week, Clark released the teaser for the upcoming mockumentary film The Nowhere Inn, co-written and co-starring Carrie Brownstein, one half of the now-duo Sleater-Kinney and co-creator of Portlandia with Fred Armisen.

As for ‘Down’, it’s another solid pastiche from an album full of solid pastiches. Clark is really getting as much mileage as she can out of that blonde wig, sheesh. My own personal taste for Daddy’s Home is lukewarm, but only because I hold Clark to an impossibly high standard. By all accounts, she’s having a goddamn ball doing funky ’70s jams, and I would be lying if I said her enthusiasm for the material isn’t infectious.

It’s just… I want to like every song more than I do. I love ’70s funk, I love the idea of paying homage to that era, I love St. Vincent, so what’s the problem? I haven’t quite figured it out, but none of it sits particularly well for me. I want St. Vincent to be a transcendent, trendsetting alien who eats guitars for breakfast and spits out lesser bands who try to claim they know their way around a guitar solo. I want everything Annie Clark does to be legendary, because everything that Annie Clark has done up to this point has been legendary. That’s my too-high standard. But I guess I just need to chill the hell out and enjoy Daddy’s Home as much as Clark enjoys playing songs from it. Now if only she would bring the live show to my neck of the woods

Check out her performance of ‘Down’ with the Down and Out Downtown Band down below. Please for the love of God don’t make me write the word “down” one more time.