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Watch Radiohead play 'I Promise' for the first time in 21 years


Thom Yorke and Radiohead offered a treat to the fans attending Norway’s Oslo Spektrum festival by playing ‘I Promise’, the first time the band have performed the track live in some 21 years.

The show, which is Radiohead’s second concert of their vast European tour, played the recently released OK Computer-era song for the first time since 1996.

‘I Promise’, which is part of the new releases of reissue which has been titled OKNOTOK, was given a special early release by the band after a very eagle-eyed Reddit user figured it all out.

“Normally, I don’t think we’re the sort of people to look back,” Yorke announced before playing the track. “But, it was interesting, when we did, what a bunch of nutters we were, and probably still are. One of the things—one of the crazy things we did was not release this song, because we didn’t think it was good enough.”

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